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Vastu tips for South Facing Home;

Harmonizing Positivity: Vastu Shastra Tips for South-Facing Homes

If you’re buying a home, you want to make sure it feels right. You might consider things like where it’s located, what amenities it has, and what kind of atmosphere it creates. But you can also think about incorporating Vastu Shastra principles to create a home full of positivity and harmony. If your home faces south, you can use specific Vastu Shastra tips to create positive energy. Vastu Shastra says the entrance to your home is important because it’s where blessings come in. Usually, experts recommend homes that face north, east, northeast, or west. But if you have a southwest-facing home, there are ways to make it more positive. With the wisdom of Vastu Shastra for south-facing homes, you can create balance and positive energy in your life.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is rooted in ancient Indian wisdom, and it helps you create harmonious living spaces. It dictates that the design and construction of buildings influence the energy flow and impact prosperity.  

Derived from Vedic texts, Vastu emphasises alignment with natural forces like the sun, wind, water, and earth. Addressing east, west, north, and south directions, Vastu aims to balance physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. Recommendations span room placement, entrances, windows, and architectural features. It also gets into factors like orientation, colours, materials, symbols, and furniture arrangement.

Focusing on Vastu Shastra for south facing home, the goal is cultivating environments promoting health, happiness, and prosperity. Adhering to Vastu principles, believers assert positive energy enhancement, enriching the overall quality of life. Vastu tips extend beyond spaces, influencing personal and professional lives. 

Importance of South-Facing Property

While not the primary choice in Vastu Shastra, a south facing house boasts benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. Abundant sunlight floods the space, fostering a lively ambience. This orientation is considered a wealth and prosperity magnet. It also aligns with the sun’s energy associated with financial stability. This is particularly favorable for businesses, promoting success and opportunities.

Associated with the element of fire, a south-facing property is ideal for key areas like the kitchen or living room, contributing to positive energy flow. Politics, leadership, or public speaking professionals may find enhanced communication skills and charisma in a south-facing home. The orientation also offers stability, creating a safe and balanced environment for growth. 

South-Facing Home Vastu Tips

These are some of the best tips to make your south-facing home vastu friendly: 

Use Bright and Vibrant Vastu Colors

Vastu color

Vastu recognises the emotional impact of colors, attributing significance to their role in cultivating positivity. In a south-facing house, warm tones like red, orange, and yellow resonate with the fire element, fostering warmth, enthusiasm, and passion. According to Vastu, strategically integrate these lively colors as accent walls, artwork, or decor to infuse vitality. The key is balance; avoid adding intense colors. Opt for moderation, pairing vibrant hues with neutrals for a visually pleasing and harmonious ambience in your south-facing abode.

Add Indoor Plants 

Indoor plants

Indoor plants add beauty and purify the air, fostering positive energy flow. These green companions contribute to a healthier ambience, reducing stress and enhancing concentration. According to Vastu principles, creating a mini garden indoors connects you with nature, promoting a harmonious atmosphere. Opt for eucalyptus, spider, or rubber plants for auspicious and low-maintenance choices. Strategically placing them in key areas, such as the living room or study, aligns with Vastu guidelines for south-facing homes. Consider factors like natural light and specific plant requirements for optimal results. Add the vitality of indoor plants to cultivate a refreshing and uplifting environment in line with south-facing house Vastu principles.

Hang Auspicious Artwork

Hang auspicious artwork

Art has the ability to convey emotions and uplift spaces, acting as a powerful tool in home decor. According to Vastu, incorporating art enhances positive energy and reflects personal taste. Opt for Feng Shui, Horse, or Lotus pictures for good luck. Choose pieces resonating with your style, such as natural scenes or vibrant colors. Position artwork strategically in areas like the living room or bedroom, creating focal points that enhance aesthetic appeal. Art at the south-facing main door fosters creativity and relaxation, serving as a visual reminder of cherished values.

Remove Clutter From Home

Removing clutter from home

In alignment with Vastu principles, a clutter-free environment is paramount for inviting positive energy and fostering prosperity. Organizing your living space facilitates the free circulation of positive energy, bringing clarity, peace, and productivity. According to Vastu, a tidy home enhances airflow through the main door, allowing light to permeate and creating a sense of spaciousness. The benefits extend to easier maintenance, contributing to a harmonious and balanced living space. 

Decorate With Crystals

Home Decoration with crystal

According to Vastu, the strategic placement of amethyst at the main door induces relaxation and spiritual growth. Rose quartz encourages love and harmony, while citrine symbolizes abundance. Position these crystals at your main door or align them with your zodiac sign to unlock their energies. Regularly cleanse and energize the crystals in alignment with your zodiac sign, ensuring a continuous flow of positive vibrations in your home as per Vastu principles. Choose crystals that resonate with your intentions, creating a harmonious and uplifting atmosphere.


South-facing homes, though unique, can harmonize with Vastu principles. By adhering to these guidelines, you build a home fostering positive energy, well-being, and prosperity. From adjusting furniture placement to selecting the right colors, subtle changes significantly impact our living experience. Inculcate Vastu Shastra to transform your space into a haven of positivity and abundance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is a South-Facing House Good for Vastu?

While less favorable, Vastu remedies can harmonize energy and enhance positivity in a south-facing house.

2. How to Correct Vastu in a South-Facing House?

Implement Vastu tips like adjusting furniture and color choices to counterbalance perceived negative energy.

3. How can I bring good luck to a south-facing house?

Cultivate good luck in a south-facing house by adhering to Vastu principles and making strategic design adjustments.

4. How to design a south-facing house?

Design a harmonious south-facing house by following Vastu guidelines, adjusting furniture, and choosing auspicious colors.

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