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Cloverleaf intersection of roads;

The Cloverleaf Intersection: Gateway to the Future

The city of Gurugram is the epitome of a success story: from a desolate, quiet village with haphazard, dilapidated roads and dirt tracks to a city that’s aspirational to the rest of the country. In a span of merely two decades, the city has essentially undergone a metamorphosis, with a thriving IT and Business Hub home to the world’s most renowned multinationals, including over 250 Fortune 500 companies, lively social zones, and upbeat residential catchments. Aptly rechristened as the Millenium City, today it triumphs as the city with the third highest per capita income in the country.

Now it is a well-known fact that the primary factor behind a region’s development and prosperity is the presence of a robust core infrastructure and the connectivity that it enables. A region can harbour the best living and commercial spaces, but if it does not have an efficient and easily accessible transit framework to support it, then it does not stand a chance. The governing body of the state of Haryana is cognizant of the import of advanced roadway systems and has made consistent efforts in this arena.

Unveiling the Cloverleaf Intersection:
One of the major projects that is underway and is primed to edify the transit network of the city is the Northern Peripheral Road or more commonly known as the Dwarka Expressway. The 27.6 km, eight-lane, elevated expressway will connect Dwarka in Delhi to Kherki Daula Toll Plaza in Gurugram. Initially constructed to curtail the congestion on the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway, the corridor today is the reason behind the emergence of massive business and industrial micro markets in its vicinity.

An impressive feature of this progressive expressway is the development of one of the largest Cloverleaf Intersections in the country, even bigger than the stately Cloverleaf at Dhaula Kuan, Delhi. Set to be operational within the coming weeks, the intersection would be inaugurated by the country’s Minister of Road Transport and Highway, Nitin Gadkari.

Constructed as a four-way loop between NH-48, Southern Peripheral Road, and Dwarka Expressway, the injunction is a part of Package 4 of the expressway. With an impressive circumference of 2 km and ramps on all four sides, the intersection will be highly instrumental in easing the commute to the Delhi Airport, Delhi-Gurugram Expressway, Southern Peripheral Road, and Delhi-Mumbai Expressway.

Not only that, the cloverleaf will impart great relief to the residents of the new sectors of Gurugram as well as Sohna as now they can access NH-48 and Sohna Road without having to get stuck in traffic at the Kherki Daula Toll Plaza. The sectors located around the Golf Course Extension Road in particular, with the inauguration of the intersection, will be able to make a hassle-free commute to Manesar and Delhi.

It is important to understand the significance of the development of this interjection, as it is only through ingenious road networks that mobility is provided for the transit of people and goods. The modern workforce demands comfort and ease while travelling to their offices, and with the development of avant-garde, arterial roads, and highways, the city of Gurugram has become a haven for crème de la crème of talent.

Final Thoughts: 
According to industry experts, with the completion of the Dwarka Expressway, the congestion on NH-8 will be reduced by 50-60%. The Cloverleaf Interjection is yet another step that will result in a decreased commute time and offers unparalleled connectivity to the major economic hubs of Manesar, Delhi, and Gurugram. With easier access, the development of thriving real estate avenues is inevitable. This will further augment the development of the new peripheral sectors in the district of Gurugram, particularly benefiting the micro market of Sohna. The Cloverleaf is therefore a portal to a dawn of a new era brimming with an array of opportunities for discerning investors.

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