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Delhi-Mumbai Expressway: An Expressway To The Future;

Delhi-Mumbai Expressway: An Expressway To The Future

As per real estate and development experts, the Sohna elevated road project has lead to an appreciation in land prices by up to 15%. Furthering this rise in the land value is the recently launched Sohna-Dausa leg of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. Brought into action by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 12 February 2023, this road stretch will chronicle a new era of social and economic growth in regions that it will connect. Experts say that Sohna’s residential and commercial real estate sectors are said to witness huge success due to the increased connectivity and opportunities that the expressway will bring with itself.

The Delhi-Mumbai expressway will be 1,386 km long, which will make it the longest expressway in the country. This grand project has cut travel time between Gurugram and Sohna to 20 minutes. It will also cut down travel time between Delhi and Mumbai from initial 24 hours to just 12 hours. The new Sohna-Dausa stretch of the expressway will connect Alipur in Sohna to Dausa in Rajasthan, making commuting between the two cities fast and hassle-free. The highway will also connect major areas like Kota, Indore, Jaipur, Bhopal, Vadodara, and Surat while traversing Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. 

With this increase in connectivity and ease of travel, Sohna is fast rising to become one of the most coveted destinations to invest in. Sohna has already established itself as one of the most successful micro-markets in the country. With its proximity to areas such as south Delhi, Gurugram, Palwal, Faridabad and Alwar, it brings in business opportunities from prime commercial areas. Further aiding in Sohna’s commercial growth is the robust connectivity promised by the Delhi-Mumbai expressway, which seamlessly connects Sohna to prime locations of the country, such as the Jewar Airport in Uttar Pradesh and DND Flyover through Delhi. 

The expressway is set to amplify the real estate market in Sohna. Once the Gurgaon-Dausa stretch extends its roots to Mumbai, the number of commuters travelling from Delhi-NCR to Mumbai will likely increase, creating new growth opportunities. With reduced time in commuting, Sohna will witness a surge in logistics and warehousing, two of the most important economic drivers that a city can benefit from. 

The expressway itself is designed to reflect the advancements that it will make happen. It comes with ground-breaking features such as RFID tags, CCTV monitoring and automatic toll collection. With these measures, it makes commuting not just convenient but also much safer. 

According to realty experts, the rise in infrastructure in Sohna and areas nearby is expected to create new job opportunities in the area. Naturally, the residential sector here will benefit immensely from the influx of talented individuals who will come to work here. Consequently, the need for other commercial real estates developments, such as offices and retail avenues, will also witness a huge surge in demand.

Final Thoughts

The decreased commute time, along with unparalleled connectivity to prime economic hubs of the country, will open new avenues for real estate development. These benefits will put Sohna at the forefront of advancements in both residential and commercial real estate. Discerning investors will find themselves making the most of this opportunity. The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway truly serves as the gateway to the future of commercial and economic growth. 

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